Episode 42

John 18 The Betrayal and Denial of Jesus


December 18th, 2020

33 mins 31 secs

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About this Episode

Peter was always outspoken for Jesus. When Jesus asked "Who do people say I am?" it was Peter who said with authority, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God!" It was Peter who said he would die with Jesus and even tried to defend Jesus from the militia that came to arrest him when he pulled his sword and went for the head of Malchus. However, in the blink of an eye this mighty pillar of faith denies Jesus three times after telling Jesus he would never deny him. And the whole time Peter is denying Jesus the religious leaders are having a joke of a trial and sending Jesus to the Roman authorities to be crucified. The very people that were supposed to be pointing people to the Messiah is killing the Messiah! Jesus is standing before Pilate and Pilate asks Jesus the ultimate question, "What is truth?" and the answer is right before his very eyes and he doesn't know it! What about you friend? Do you deny truth? Do you deny Jesus?